Who are we?

GeMS is an initiative from federal agencies and academia in which tries to involve and increase the interest of students in research areas in Metagenomics and Geomicrobiology. 

A Brief Guide . . .

Important biologically active molecules have been isolated from cultivable microorganisms, which constitute 1% of the microbial community known to exist. Here, we pretend to investigate Puerto Rico’s soil biosphere using a Metagenomics approach. Metagenomic Libraries will be constructed from soil samples from El Yunque Rainforest and Guanica’s Dry Forest. Our main goals are to isolate biologically active molecules, perform phylogenetic analysis of the constructed libraries and, discover new genes and enzymes with special interests in those related to specific mineralization process. 

The research activities are being performed by students trained by scientists from two Universities The University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez and from The University of Wisconsin at Madison. However the program involves more collaborators which can be seen at the main web page.

Don’t know what a library is?

Don’t know what is Metagenomics?

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